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**Starting Your Pilates Classes. All Pilates equipment classes require experience on the Reformer, the Cadillac Tower, and the Wunda Chair. If you do not have previous experience but would like to begin your Pilates journey, the Introductory Package (for only $99) would be the perfect place to begin! To schedule your Introductory sessions or book a spot in one of our classes, please call our studio at 813-855-8804!

Level 1 & 2 Equipment Class: This class is a great way to begin your pilates experience on the equipment! This class utilizes the Reformer, Wunda Chair & Cadillac Tower. It is a small group class limited to 4 participants. You will learn the basic pilates apparatus exersises and more!  This class uses the resistance of the spring-based equipment to build long lean muscle strength, increase flexibility & balance, and creates great posture. All Levels are welcome!

Level 2 & 3 Equipment Class: This is an intermediate class that is more focused on the deeper connection into the fundamentals of pilates. You will learn intermediate to advanced exersises on all 3 peices of equipment as well as focusing on perfecting form. Walk out feeling strong and flexible!  This is a small group class limited to 4 participants. Experience in level 1 and 2 is required for this class or ok'd by your trainer.

Level 1 & 2 Circuit : This class is an introduction to Pilates circuit, which is a more advanced, independent method when practicing Pilates. You will learn how to "circuit" through all three apparatus stations (including reformer, cadillac and chair) and cool down on the mat with some relaxing stretches. This class is great for those who have experience in both level 1&2 and 2&3!

Jumpboard Pilates: This class utilizes the Reformer jumpboard along with occassional use of the Wunda Chair and Cadillac. It is a small group class limited to 4 participants. This class is a full body pilates workout infused with 30 minutes of jumping! A jumpboard is an attachment for the footbar of the Reformer, which gives a great abdominal and core strengthening workout. We promise you’ve never experienced anything like it! Experience on the Reformer is required before entering Jumpboard Pilates class.

Level 2 & 3 Reformer: Want to advance your knowledge on the reformer? This class utilizes the Reformer with the  jumpboard, sittingbox, foam rollers and manymore props,  to expand your pilates practice and give you a great workout!  Focused on more advanced movements and precise form this class is for anyone who as masterd levels 1 &2 Equipment.

Cadillac Mat & Props: A challenging Pilates workout using the Cadillac tower apparatus including the roll down bar, push-thru bar and springs! This class will also utilize the Cadillac mat and other fun Pilates props to tone, strengthen and stretch! All levels welcome! Must complete intro package.

Power Pilates Class: This class is an intense fast-paced workout that includes the Reformer, Jumpboard and Wunda Chair or Caddallac. It is a small group class limited to 5 participants. You will challenge your core, get your cardio in and feel stretched, a great all in one workout! This is an intermediate to advanced class and should have experience in either jumpboard or levels 2 & 3 classes.

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- To cancel a session, please contact the studio or your trainer 24 hours before your scheduled session time. If you cancel a scheduled session with less than 24 hours notice, or do not show you will be charged for the full amount of that session or class. The studio allows TWO emergency late cancels per year.
– Purchasing a package enables a client to schedule sessions in advance and guarantees them a permanent time. If wanting to hold a spot in class regularly, you must pre-pay for your sessions. If you are out of that spot more than 2 weeks in a row, the studio is unable to hold it until you are able to attain a consistent schedule. Please check with trainer for availability.
– If signing up online for a Pilates Equipment class, the cutoff time is 6 hours before the scheduled class. After the cut-off time, you may call the studio or contact the trainer to see if there is a spot open in the class. "Drop-ins" are not permitted for Pilates Equipment classes.
– A Pilates Equipment "class" consists of more than one person. The studio reserves the right to cancel and reschedule you for a different class if only one person is signed up 24 hours in advance. You have the option to use 2 of your classes to do a private session instead.
– If you are late for your session, the session will still end at the scheduled stop time.
– There are no refunds given on any finalized purchases. Transfer of credit to a different package or session can be arranged.
– Single sessions, 5 session packages and 10 session packages have a 90-day expiration period. 20 session packages have a 180-day expiration period.
– Be courteous of other clients and trainer allergies when wearing perfume, cologne, or lotion to the facility. Please keep it to a minimum.
– Please do not sell or post any ads to sell your packages or purchases to anyone. The only type of transfer of package or purchase we can honor wouldbe an "in-house" transfer.
– Children are not permitted in the studio during your session.
– We want everyone to have a calming and positive experience while at our studio. Please keep the talking in the studio to a minimum and at anappropriate noise level.