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Hot Flow: Hot Flow or (Hot Vinyasa) is the art of moving through postures with the breath and allowing the breathing to lead the way. The constant motion and intense muscle usage of Vinyasa coupled with the heat of a hot yoga environment helps to release toxins from the body, and improves flexibility and strength. 

Hot Power Flow: Hot Power Flow is the best of both Power and Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga combined! Start of with flowing through sun salutations and then move into a powerful balancing and core series. The heat of a hot environment helps to release toxins from the body, and improves flexibility and strength.

Hot Beginner Yoga: This class is great way to start your journey into Hot Yoga. The temperature is set to 95 degrees opposed to the 104 degrees in traditional Hot Yoga. You will be doing beginner to intermediate yoga poses and is a hatha-flow style class. You will feel strong, stretched and relaxed walking out of this class. Also a great class for the experienced Yogi who wants to practice "warm yoga".

Hot Power Yoga: This is a powerful, intense style which is different from the gentle meditative stretching usually associated with traditional yoga. In power yoga, poses are followed up with strength training. Such a routine strengthens the body and adds dynamism to the workout. It exercises your back and stomach muscles constantly, thereby improving core strength. It also increases metabolic rate, reduces fat, and improves calorie burning and lean muscle tissue.

Warm Flow Yoga: Warm flow or Vinyassa is similar to Hot Flow except the heat is set to 95 degrees opposed to the full 104. In this class you'll focus on connecting your breath with the postures and transitioning from one posture to the next. This is a great class to take after taking Hot Beginner Yoga or if you like the heat a little less intense but aren't a beginner yogi.

Warm Power Flow Yoga: This class is intended for yogis with an already developed vinyasa flow practice. In this class the room is heated to 95 degrees, to provide a warm environment. You'll focus on creating strength, balance and stamina in this intermediate level class.

Aromatherapy Hatha Yoga: Join Wilda in this weekly Yoga class paired with Aromatherapy achieves it's effects through the application and diffusion of pure plant essential oils that influence physical wellness, a positive emotional state and mental clarity. Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance the yoga journey. Enhance your practice by attending the first class of a series of classes offered by Wilda Santiago, BA, OTA, RYT 500. This is a great class for Beginners as well!

Kids Yoga: This hour long class is designed just for kids! Presented are poses that stretch and strengthen while promoting balance, coordination, the ability to concentrate and an increase in vitality through energetic practice. Kids creativity is explored while learning to be aware of their body and having fun! 

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga: In this class you will practice traditional yoga. Hatha Yoga focuses on aligment, stretching and holding poses. In this class you will learn sun salutaions, balancing postures and relaxation techniques. Beginners welcomed! 

BodyRolling: Have a sore back? Sit at a desk all day? Do you have tight muscles? Are you human? Then this is the workshop for you! Bodyrolling as Myofascial Release is a therapeutic technique that uses bodywork tools (such as balls or foam rollers) to address myofascial discomfort, adhesion, contractual trigger knots, and myofascial trigger points. This class will help you develop a deeper relationship with your body, teaching you how to maintain mobility, range of motion and flexibility as well as relieve pain and improve posture. It’s like a full-body massage you can do yourself! This class requires no previous experience, however is not recommended for those with joint replacements without consulting a doctor.


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